Classes only  With Family
Class of 4 hours daily, 20 hours weekly 180 295
Class of 5 hours daily, 25 hours weekly 200 315
Class of 6 hours daily, 30 hours weekly 210 325

How do I register with InterContinental Spanish Academy ?

Please fill out a registration form and return in with a deposit of US $50.00, (NO REFUNDABLE) Alternatively please feel welcome to email or telephone us with your requirements or questions. If you are already in Antigua, please drop by the school and we will be pleased to assist you in person.

Where will I stay while I am studying ?

We recommend that you stay with one of our host families for the duration of your study. It is a wonderful opportunity to practice communicating in Spanish and will enable you to experience Guatemalan family life and hospitality. Each family has been carefully chosen and you will be given a private bedroom and 3 meals each day*. Family houses are within easy walking distance to the school.

*no meals on Sunday