I have visited three different schools in Antigua over the last four months.. Intercontinental represents the best value, location, good teachers and a serious management. Highly recommended !

Simon Yessen, Sweeden

I liked Escuela Intercontinental, The teacher was well knowledged in grammar. He was able to tell me that I needed a lot of practice with phonics (pronunciation). Even though he started with basic grammar (conjugation ar, er, ir, estar, ser, ir, saber, dar, etc.) he developed lots of conversation around examples of grammar. This made the lessons interesting. He was very patient with me and had a great sense of humor.

I would recommend him and this school to other students. The cost of the school fit our budget perfectly and was fair exchange home stay. Erica’s house was what I expected to have. Even though there was a lot of action with the school children also staying there, they were all polite and friendly to us. Erica always ate meals with us and was patient when asking us simple questions. She was a good cook and kept the house clean.

Greg Vivian

Abel Aquino ist ein ausgezeichneter Spanischlehrer. Er versteht es, dem Schüler die Gramatik schmerzlos mitzuteilen. Er ist ein guter Konverstaionspartner. Es ist sofort klar, class er viel Erfahrung hat.

Elena Sante

We studied in the Intercontinental Spanish Academy for four days, we thougth our teachers are really good and friendly. We recommend a week, if you are going to learn Spanish to communicate in Central America. We had a good time.

Eiríle Jenssen, Erik and Torbjon

 “I studied for 5 weeks at the InterContinental Academy, before traveling for another month on my own, and in 5 weeks, I was successfully able to communicate/understand spanish. The teachers are excellent, and help you at your own pace. The school atmosphere is quiet, non-distracting, and absolutely beautiful, located only a few blocks from the Parque Central. I highly recommend the InterContinental Spanish Academy.”

Abigail Salch

“For those students who want to travel abroad to learn basic Spanish or enhance their Spanish language studies, there simply is no better place than InterContinental Spanish Academy in Antigua, Guatemala. You will fall in love with the language, the country and its people. Your memories of this experience will last you a life time.”

Gavin Kern,
Chicago USA.

 “You will love it! The school is beautiful, the teachers are excellent, the home stays are comfortable and aid learning, but, best of all, the service from the caring and resourceful director makes the difference. Abel Aquino is like a Dad away from home … that’s why I have gone back to Antigua. Besides … the teachers helped me score off the charts on my CLEP Test and receive 14 hours of credit. “

Mary DeMoss

“If you are looking for the best place to learn Spanish, you have to consider six areas: cost, teachers and methods, homestay opportunities, school atmosphere, extracurricular activities and specialties that the school can accomodate, and the director that will be working to meet your needs. The cost of Antigua and especially of AEIC can’t be beat! And what do you get for the money and time? Excellent teachers and learning methods that are picked especially for your needs, homes that are clean, fun, earning places to spend your off time, a school that has a beautiful and roomy courtyard atmosphere, wonderful and unforgetable experiences with people from around the world and relationships with people from Guatemala that will affect your life and thinking forever, AND, a director that is dedicated to making sure that you have the best possible experience for what you need and want. I’m sure that your expectations will be meet and far exceeded by AEIC. “

Rev. Sharmin DeMoss

“I have studied at Mr. Abel Aquino’s Spanish Academy each year since my first trip in August 2000, and it is a wonderful place to learn Spanish. As for location, the school could not be in a better city. The school is located in the fantastic city Antigua which is full of culture and history. Antigua is nearby many of the regular tourist destinations, including the beach and other large cities, and is also located near wonderful villages that produce excellent textiles and other handmade goods. There is a
mixture of travelers and locals to practice with, and everyone is friendly, welcoming, and patient with beginner Spanish. The school itself is in a beautiful location. The views of the surrounding area and the immediate environment of the school with its gardens are a relaxing place to study and learn and to practice with other students and teachers. While I was studying at this school, I had several teachers, all which were wonderful instructors and obviously well-trained and prepared to use many types of lesson plans. I was taught with a variety of instructional methods and activities, and applied what I was learning through a mixture of schooling from books on grammar, reading, and listening, as well as with games, discussions with other students and teachers, and small excursions, such as to the market to practice new vocabulary, and of course had a little homework to work on the specific areas when I had trouble grasping a new concept or needed extra practice. The school places students with host families or can help in finding an apartment. I chose to live with a host family, and have been placed with two different families that were excellent. Both families were patient, gracious, and so understanding when it took me a long time to get across a basic concept. The food was excellent each day and my host families made sure I had everything I needed while I was staying with them. I enjoyed practiing Spanish in such a welcoming and tolerant setting. It was also helpful to talk with people who knew the city and surrounding areas well. Overall, this Spanish Academy has helped me to reach a high proficiency in speaking, listening to, reading, and writing Spanish, and gave me the confidence to speak the language even when I knew I’d still make mistakes. The school also gave me the ability to explore another culture and to gain extensive knowledge about Guatemala’s history, art, people, and customs. I highly recommend this school to anyone who would like to study Spanish at any level, and to take advantage of all of the opportunities this school provides.”

Kendra Rowe