Travel Information

Calle del Arco

How can I get transportation to Antigua from the Airport?

Arrangements can be made to personally meet students at Guatemala City International Airport and provide transportation to Antigua. Simply add US $50.00 to your deposit and advise us of the date, time of arrival, and airline you are using.

We at the Centro Améerica Spanish School look forward to meeting you and sharing the delights of Antigua and the Spanish language with you. We are always here to help and advise – without obligation – so please feel welcome to contact us at any time.

Travel Documents

All students are advised to bring their passports, both for identification purposes and for cashing checks. The tourists do not need a visa or tourist card to enter Guatemala.


The weather is usually warm during the day all year round, generally about 70 f (20 C). Due to the high elevation the temperature tends to be very cool in the late afternoon, evening, and early morning. From May or June until October or November, you can expect sudden summer rain showers in the afternoons. In the coastal areas and along the beaches it may reach as high as 100 F. In the higher mountains it can fall below freezing.


Dress in Guatemala is informal. However shorts are not appropriate. It is a good idea to bring along a very warm sweater or jacket, and a comfortable pair of shoes. Depending on the time of year, you might want to bring a small umbrella. If you are inclined to athletics, climbing or hiking, you should bring along the appropriate clothing.

Personal Items

We highly recommend that for private use you bring towels, mirrors, soaps and shampoos because these items are not provided by the host family.


Bring a notebook and a Spanish/English dictionary. At the school you may buy books and other printed material with a cost of approximately $30.00 depending on your choice. There also several bookstores in the city.


You will need extra money to eat out on Sundays for lunch and dinner, and also for the use of local laundry service.