Health care in Antigua and nearby towns

There are two main hospitals where students volunteer – Hospital Hermano Pedro and Hospital Behrhorst. The help that students bring to these crowded and busy hospitals is very important because Guatemala has significant problems in health care with both children and adults. In Antigua and the surrounding villages, there are many disabled children that need love and appreciation. By volunteering here you not only provide daily food and help in changing clothes, but share your love with the sick and disabled. Another volunteer opportunity is Project Concern International, which focuses on community-based health and development projects that increase access to quality health services for women and children. Other projects.

Human Rights

Project Concern International is involved in the rights of health for women. They are accepting obstetricians and midwives as volunteers.

Protecting the environment

There are several opportunities for volunteers to help protect the ecology of Guatemala. Volunteers can work on different projects with the Macadamia Plantation and the Florencia National Park, including clean-up and educating the community about the importance of guarding the environment.

Helping with education in Antigua

Volunteers are needed to go to different schools in nearby villages to help the teachers and directors by providing child and parent activities – reading, listening, and teaching. Volunteers may also contribute by playing games, holding activities, painting or repairing a school, providing children’s books in Spanish, or having a Piñata Party. Projects include Guardería San Felipe, Familias de Esperanza, and El Papelillo.

Children’s center

Volunteers go to a children’s center to create activities and share time with the preschool and school aged children. This center also provides opportunities for boys and young men to meet for healthy activities. Other projects include Camino Seguro, located in the Capital, and a project in San Miguel Dueñas that helps with childcare.

Available programs for missionaries, please ask.